B.A.A. Virtual一个app的开发周期

The B.A.A. Virtual mobile app includes features that’ll bring the spirit of Boston and the B.A.A. to you wherever you run. Included for all participants are a virtual toolkit; personalized bib numbers; results and leaderboards; photo booth; finisher certificates; social wall; GPS tracking and more! This app allows users to connect to Garmin, FitBit and Apple HealthKit to upload results. The app uses HealthKit health and fitness purposes to enable users to submit HealthKit activity as their result information for their virtual race. The HealthKit activity is displayed to the user for review and they can choose their preferred activity to submit as their race result. The app uses location services to determine runner’s distance and pace on the race day experience.

Mirage Village APP

为您提供Mirage V应用描述查询,Mirage V应用截图,Mirage V应用包信息以及Mirage V版本记录查询等服务。

,B.A.A. Virtual一个app的开发周期
B.A.A. Virtual一个app的开发周期