We all need a little nudge now and again to get us to a healthier, happier place in our lives. At Revitalised, we understand that small steps can lead to big changes – but it’s not always easy to find a starting point. Our class-leading app can offer a different perspective on your wellbeing – and on the challenges of working life – while keeping you connected with your colleagues. Start with our comprehensive wellbeing assessment, which will give you a snapshot of the mental, physical and social aspects of your life. Then we’ll suggest some simple steps for positive change. We have an extensive library of articles and videos, exploring the science behind the app and fuelling your inspiration. And our challenges will give you the chance to collaborate or compete with your colleagues, plus you can share ideas, photos, videos and experiences in a social media-like interface. Don’t forget to enable integration with the Apple Health App to ensure that your activity automatically counts towards our selection of Activity Goal & Quick Wins.