CloudSpouse is your go-to companion that will help you and your spouse reach your long-term goals, as well as effectively manage, track, and understand your expenses and much more. Accessible for free and in 5 different languages, this app allows you to categorize your personal and shared expenses using several payment methods and your preferred currency even if your significant other is using a different one. Say goodbye to spreadsheets, papers and complicated formulas and let CloudSpouse handle your financials and give you a holistic view of your expenses while you focus on your goals. CloudSpouse features include: Shared Expenses: Keep track of your shared expenses with your significant other and easily manage and update them in one easy-to-use synced platform. Personal Expenses: Separate your personal expenses from the shared ones by keeping them in a separate tab. These expenses cannot be viewed by your significant other. Categorized Expenses: Organize your expenses in categories. You can use a list of most commonly used and ever growing categories to properly group your expenses. Multiple Currencies: Use your preferred currency for all transactions even when your spouse is using a different currency. Everything is automatically converted to your currency of choice (Base currency) using daily exchange rates. Multiple Languages: Select your preferred language while navigating and using CloudSpouse. The app is developed in English, French, Italian, Spanish & German. Disconnect Anytime: Disconnect from your spouse at any time. Your shared expenses will be automatically archived. You’ll also be able to connect to a different spouse without losing your data.