Calculator 42 – Math Assistant国内app开发

Calculator 42 is a handy free calculator for simple calculations. All calculations are saved in a calculation log. Results and expressions from the journal can be used in new calculations or copied to other applications. No restrictions or intrusive advertising – all features are available without a subscription or built-in purchases. Basic operations: – Add and subtract, multiply and divide – Power – Scopes with braces – Editing the expression – Deleting expression with a long press on the delete button – Copy or reuse an expression or result Clean and intuitive interface. The calculator will not let you enter the wrong expression and will prompt you to arrange the brackets. The result of the last calculation can be used just by clicking on it. All other results are saved in the calculation log for further use. If you liked everything or have suggestions, go to the application settings to rate and leave feedback. Privacy policy: Terms of use:


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,Calculator 42 - Math Assistant国内app开发
Calculator 42 - Math Assistant国内app开发
Calculator 42 - Math Assistant国内app开发