Battle of Artillery做开发app公司

Battle of Artillery This is a different game from the past, the new gameplay can not be missed. Reasonably eliminate and summon the artillery. When the strategy is appropriate, the big move is available, you can release the skills and attack the enemy. Come join “Battle of Artillery” and become the strongest creator! 【Gameplay】 -Feature Elimination: eliminate the same color block, summon the artillery -Skill Summon: More than 5 eliminations, trigger special skills -Operational Strategy: diversified skills, maximize the effect of reasonable use -Battle System: fierce struggle, the primary goal is to kill the enemy 【Game Features】 – Simple and easy to use, suitable for all ages – The painting style is attractive, you will love it – Fun elimination and battle integration, casual gameplay can adjust tension fighting atmosphere – Special skills, reasonable use, you are the God of War! – Balanced battles, random battles are triggered Great creators, are you ready to win the battle and be included in history forever?

Thaw ice cubes

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,Battle of Artillery做开发app公司
Battle of Artillery做开发app公司